Platforms and role inspired by Metroid and Castlevania


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Inexistence is a platform RPG in pure 'Metroidvania' style where you control the young Hald, who must face an epic adventure with only his short sword.

Throughout this adventure, as usual in the genre, you have to face lots of dangers, such as traps and enemies. Fortunately, you can not only attack and jump, but also gain experience and upgrade Hald's skills as you play.

In the beginning you have low health, and inflict little damage with your weapons, but as you advance you can upgrade all these stats thanks to the experience you get. Likewise, you can purchase new items from one of the merchants you come across during your adventure.

Visually, Inexistence is very reminiscent of the games it tries to emulate: Metroid, Castlevania, and 16-bit Megaman. The pixel art is really good and has some quite impressive details.

Inexistence is an excellent RPG/platformer combo that retains all the traditional elements of these genres. A true modern classic for PC.
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